Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I own...

Below are titles that I've come to own along the journey I'm pursuing;
  1. Servant
  2. Devotee
  3. Vicegerent
  4. Leader
  5. Follower
  6. Daughter
  7. Sister
  8. Friend
  9. Student
  10. Grand-daughter
  11. Niece
  12. Cousin
A dozen I am able to come up with!:)
Now here are more:

13. Wife-to-be
14. Daughter-in-law-to-be
15. etc.

I see smile there on your face...:)
[deep sigh]

Let me remind you, together with those titles come responsibility, and the need to seek more and more knowledge for this world and the hereafter. Did I mention I want to make the best out of everything I own in this brief life? I did and solely for the need to become His good servant and vicegerent.

So here I am, striving hard and doing my best possible to fulfill these responsibilities.
Nonetheless, I was born human and I still am...:) Sometimes mistakes done and blunders made here and there. Unable to keep away from that, that's for sure.

For that, I wish, help me through this...

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