Sunday, November 16, 2008

I need to tell you

I'm standing here
Watching you sleep
I know
I should tell you
but my heart locked

Yes I do

From the very first day
I came to know this world
I have started learning
to love you
need you
desire you

I want to wipe your tears
bear all the pain
give all the joy
put the smile on your face again
make you happy

I need to tell you

Yes I do
I really do

I need to tell you
How should I tell you?


nik said... hurts to love someone and not be loved in return,but what is more painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let that person know how you feel.

Naheed Azhari said...

That's true.
There's more about love you should know. There are many dimensions of it. You should know from which this one belongs.

Anonymous said...

hi, naheed..diz is hajar..
wah, jiwang jgk kamu...
all da best dear...
hope u find da rite one!

Hafidza Halim said...

I'm touch~ Naheed that shows U're GOOD!!!

SyedHafidz said...

the greatest love is none but only for Allah..
Love to human is not permanent and gonna feel hurt and down..

Naheed Azhari said...

To Hajar,
Thx! Same with u..:)
Nice blog u have there.
Slalu2 la singgah ye..:)

Naheed Azhari said...

To my Manje...(Psst.. is it k;))
Hmm... I'm touched too..:)
Thx for the compliment. Love to hear from u again! And keep ur post coming!

Hafidza Halim said...

ALamak~! bru prasan, lasz comment~ shud be "I'm touched!" haha malu neh ;p)Duh~! shame on me~

Naheed my dearest! U deserve the compliment! Its a priceless gift taw~ I've tried before,but dont think that it captured my heart, do i need to tell then y dun I post it! hehe ;p better improve! Haaiiihh~

Naheed Azhari said...

To Manje...

Usah disia bakat terpendam! Chayo!:)