Friday, December 19, 2008

Why Do I Love You

If you ask me, why do I stand here,
So unafraid of everything around me.
Proudly I would say, I am a Muslim.

If you ask her, why does she dress that way,
All covered up in a world that gives it all away.
Proudly she would say, I am a Muslim.

Deenil Islam deeni
Wala ‘ardab gheiru deeni
Muhammad elli hadeeni
Nourel iman

If you ask me, surely this cannot be,
You give your wealth so free, and you say your life is charity?
It ain’t hard to see, I am a Muslim.

If you ask him, why does it hurt so,
When he sees injustice, even though it’s folks he doesn’t know,
With tears in his eyes he says, I am a Muslim.

If you ask her, why doesn’t she cry,
There’s no one by her side, she’s the only one that’s left behind.
Patiently she sighs, I am a Muslim.

If you ask him, why does he still pray,
Five times a day when so many others have strayed.
Smiling he would say, I am a Muslim.

If you ask me, why do I love you
No matter where you are, we are the greatest Ummah
With the beating of our hearts, we are Muslim.

La-illah-ha-illalah Muhammad-ur-rasullulah
There is only one God
La-illah-ha-illalah Muhammad-al-Mustapha
Muhammad is the messenger

Song by: Zain Bikha, "Deenul Islam"

Babies... Be Happy!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A lot!

As I'm sitting here looking at the screen thinking of what should I share with others, that benefits and meaningful, I found it a bit hard though as there are actually a lot! [I haven't been writing quite a while and I guess that' s why!:)]

Hmmm... Let's see. For the past weeks I was totally on the go. Was working for two weeks as a so-called 'secretary' in one of the virtual offices in Subang Jaya. Worked there once during my 3 months vacation before I went for my second year study in IIUM. It was tedious! And my mom thought it was an easy, enjoyable, hands-on job. Tell you what, it's NOT!! Anyway, I gained much from it. Now I'm able to do formal call to public figures, big names, etc. without having to work up on the speech note and practice it in front of the mirror! I am a trained PR!!:) Sweet! Alhamdulillah...

Hmmm... talking about working, I reckon it's nice if I share my experience as a school teacher when I was on holiday before entering IIUM Main Campus in Gombak. Hmmm... An 18 years old teacher! What do you expect?! The story goes...

It was a long hols. I've wasted a month of that vacation pumping up my weight and getting chubbier each day. Both my parents were already bored [I supposed..!] having their daughter idling around doing nothing but eat, sleep, and watch TV. Thank God I didn't have this laptop just yet. Else, I'd be enjoying myself downloading songs and watching movies! LOL!

Back to my teaching days, it was my parents who encouraged me to try the job. It was my luck as the school was lacking of teachers who could teach subjects in English. (it is a primary school btw). So it was at my advantage when the headmaster gave me the job as he noticed the bachelor degree I was going to pursue--English Language and Literature. My intention of working was not really for the monetary gain but more to the self-development training.

During my teaching days, I need to take in hand the hardship of a mother and a teacher to those students at school. I had to make sure that they understand the syllabus well while enjoying their lessons, pass the tests, become excellent students both in academic and spiritual life, and at the same time ensure that they were always kept safe from harm, danger, whatsoever.

Back then, I taught Mathematics, Arts, and Moral Lessons to standard one pupils and at times I had to replace absent teachers. During weekends, I was given the responsibility to take care of the Computer Club's members, teaching them the basic things about computers, internet, etc. And the best part, I was assigned to teach Mathematics to students of my sister's class. She once called me 'Kak Naheed' during class time--accidentally. So she's forgiven.;)

The first week fitting myself into the job was a great challenge! I never thought becoming a teacher was that hard. It needs courage, patient, and most of all, it requires love and sincerity.

It was a tough time for me to get them to comprehend the subject. Moreover one of the classes was of kids who have problems in learning (Kelas Pemulihan). Some were impish and crafty and some others were just a slow learner. Hard to tell whether they really understand the teaching.

For teachers, we have been given numbers of syllabus to be completed in a given period. Say three chapters in two weeks. The problem that I faced, all the three classes have three different paces in grasping the subject taught; particularly of Mathematics. And to add the misery, teaching was actually my first experience of working. So every single thing was a hands-on. I have to figure out myself of interactive ways to get these children to understand my teaching and at the same time enjoying their learning hours.

Mak was very helpful as I can remember. And supportive too.:) She was the one who gave me ideas and ways to go about my teaching skills [Mothers are the BEST teachers, they are.].