Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Forgive me...

I talked to a friend of mine last night. We had a good chat. He told me about his new home, his planning for the years ahead and then came this story...He told me about this reality of life--how emotion may take control and put our good relationship with others in jeopardy.

There was a friend who he treats like his own brother, in fact they are so close that they sometimes sleep in one bed! And I guess that's normal in our culture..(is that?) Hm.. btw, the story started when they eventually didn't agree on an idea and that one of them get so emotional that he did something that no-one would ever think he would done it!(he was this kinda compliant, easy-going, nice guy). He became somehow rebellious and a little hot-headed, should I say..I guess he has lost the 'nice' in him at the instance, though he still is!

Then I tell him(the one that I talked to on the phone),

"What's the big deal? You guys have been friends like how many years?
And maybe he was not in his sensible mind when he did it."

Somehow he agreed with me. He said humans are never perfect though how nice and amiable we have become. We may come to a point of time when things get out of hand and irrational comes to take place. And he mentioned about how forgiveness could make a difference in one's life.

Now, talking about forgiveness, when people make mistakes, to judge is not the best thing to do. Be facile to forgive rather than to judge. People learn from mistakes. And when they are being judged for the mistakes that oftentimes were done indeliberately, this may lead to another negative consequence.

When people, moreover for teenagers like us, are being given room to make mistakes, and then, forgiven, they learn faster and better. Anyway, life is short. What have we to achieve in this brief life? And how could we achieve them if we are being restricted form doing any mistakes?

Mistakes done and lesson learnt and that, we mature alongside.

Thus, forgive the mistakes done, have a big heart. Things will turn out good, InshaAllah.
"Life is short. Be swift to love. Make haste to be kind."

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