Thursday, June 26, 2008

Women in Islam

Wise advice....

Don't be like the fruit & veg, that you see in the market, where people pick and choose.

But, Be the diamond in a velvet box covered in silk, kept valuble and precious.


You see in the market these are peoples common gestures...
"Oh! this one looks good, but I dont think it'll taste as good" & "Ahh! this one tastes sweet, but it don't look good" & "Oops! dropped it, thats no good to me now"

In the market so many things take place. People are so careless, they push and shove, fruits & veg gets kicked underneath the stall and rolls onto the road. Then?....

Where as the diamond is kept valuble, out of sight. No sane person will display thier valubles, for people to steal.


This is the reason why ISLAM has shown HIJAAB to be compulsory, to be kept like that diamond, valuble and precious.

Why do you think men are not allowed to wear Gold and other ornaments of beauty? Because, ORNAMENTS OF BEAUTY are for WOMEN!! The very existance of women is BEAUTY!! Hence........?

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