Thursday, November 19, 2009

No More

She’s staggering.

Would anyone be kind enough to hold her hand?

She’s unfairly acquainted with the bleak future of Life.

Would anybody care to brighten her way?

She’s crying alone.

For she knows not

that there is more to life than this.

Frightened by the angry faces

of the devils and the monstrous creatures.

She screamed alone.

Shivering in her own indigence.

Fiend versus Friend.

No significant different no more.

She trust no more, believes no more.

She believes not of the soothing words

nor of the commiseration.

They are merely words, no grant, not done.

Betrayal she received after she believed.

Thus, believe is dust!

Stained her yearning heart.

Straying off,

She steps forward,

Bear the sore of her wounds.

Her throbbing heart just won’t mind no more.

“If they don’t, then should I?”

And that is Resilient.

That is self-reliance.

And only that matters.

Nothing, no-one, do no good, no more--

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