Monday, February 27, 2012

Al Qur'an hua Huda wa Syifaa'


It's been a while since I last scribble the story of what's going on in my life here.

Well this time it comes with a good news... For those who are close to me this had been told since it was still a tadpole-like in the tummy... :) Yes, I'm pregnant! And it's turning 10 weeks old this week.

Having the first time experiencing pregnancy that most of the time--like most mothers--I'd feel super duper tired and getting all overwhelmed by the morning sickness, bloating, vomiting, etc. and so many times I felt so low and restless and the only thing I can do to comfort the emotions is crying. (Well, pregnant women ARE sensitive and we can be a bit cranky sometimes. Excuse us for that!)

I've tried several other things as well just to keep myself distracted. My mom, my elder sisters and some other seniors in my circle told me not to think of it so much as the first trimester will surely be a bit tough depending on how the hormone take effects on the mother's health and her biological balance. I've tried reading books, watching movies, listening to songs and even playing Sudoku but neither of it works for me.

Just then when I just finished my 'Asar prayer, I read the Qur'an (also trying to make this as a habit to read one 'ain every after prayer and during any free time) I realized every time I read the Qur'an I feel so relaxed--I feel normal for a while.

The chapter I was reading was Surah Al Fussilat. As I was reading through the ayat I came across a word which is very familiar i.e.: Syifaa'. I have always love the word; other than it has a beautiful meaning which is 'Cure' or 'Healing' it also sounds soft and easy on my lips.

This word strikes me. Just after I finished reading one 'ain of the Surah I quickly flipped through to the meaning of the ayah which has the word 'Syifaa'' in it which is ayah 44. It tells;

"It (Qur'an) is a Guide and a Healing to those who believe and for those who believe not, there is a deafness in their ears, and it is blindness in their (eyes): They are (as it were) being called from a place far distant!""

"Al-Quran itu, menjadi (cahaya) Petunjuk serta Penawar bagi orang-orang yang beriman dan sebaliknya orang-orang yang tidak beriman, (Al-Quran itu) menjadi sebagai satu penyakit yang menyumbat telinga mereka (bukan penawar) dan ia juga merupakan gelap-gelita yang menimpa (pandangan) mereka (bukan cahaya yang menerangi). Mereka itu (dengan perbuatan melarikan diri dari ajaran Al-Quran, tidak ubahnya seperti) orang-orang yang diseru dari tempat yang jauh, (masakan mereka dapat mendengar dengan betul atau melihat dengan nyata)".

MashaALlah! SubhanALlah! At that very instance I felt like bursting into tears. You know, that feeling when you feel that ALlah is very near and that He Listens to everything that goes through your mind, in your heart, or the hope and du'a you are praying.. SubhanALlah.. Thank you ALlah!

May the baby I conceive will be blessed with great health to ease him (or her) in reading, understanding and teaching the Qur'an to others. Amiin thumma amiin.

Please pray for us, for good health, for an easy and safe delivery inshaALlah, amiin.


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