Saturday, January 7, 2012

Laid my Armour down


Smiling as I woke up every morning knowing you are there by my side.
Nothing brings more joy than this.
And in every breath I know I am blessed.

Dear Mr Husband,

Though this may sound a little cheesy and over the top
but what I am about to say here is for real;

You are my whole World
And the Light to my Akhirah
Make me then the Lady of Heaven

And now I have laid down my Armour
By saying the three words will never equal
to how I really feel for you

So just so you know;


Thank you for making me your other half, lillah.

Yours forever,
Mrs Wife

Jan 7, 2012 0926

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Nor Atiqah Abd Talib said...

syahdu and...


selamat berbahagia! ^__^