Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm Sorry, My Mistake.


Have you ever make mistake? If you have not, then you are not human.

More often than not people find themselves being troubled by the feeling of guilt out of the mistakes they've made; big or small, major or little, alike. As a living human being, of which as I speak, I myself am one, would have all the tendencies to fall into misjudgments on things, failure upon a task assigned, wrong interpretation towards somebody and all the accidental, off-thinking, blunt acts.

First and foremost, it's normal. It is a habitual act for man whom by nature is prone to mistakes. Human are not angel. Human are created with such imperfection so they would always acknowledge the Almighty Creator as the Ultimate Perfect Being and recognize their weaknesses as the created.

It's OK to do wrong. After all, people learnt from those unwanted experience of mistakes more effectively compared to other kinds of teachers. Richard Carlson, the writer of the famous "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" self-improvement book suggests that making peace with our mistakes will make our life stress-free.

Albeit, the problem with our society today is that we have problem to own up our mistakes (in regards to mistakes that affect other people negatively). We had fallen guilty for not being able to put down our guard (ego) to admit the wrong.

What's wrong with owning up your own mistakes? Even if they are not, is it that bad to say sorry? Will you die? Would you become a lesser person just by admitting that you have actually done something wrong? What happen if you apologize? Will it hurt?

Those rhetorical questions may have found you gotten more overwhelmed (if perhaps you are in the dilemma of either to own up and say sorry or keeping quiet and pretend that you are the good guy with no fault and nothing actually had happened) than you were.

One thing that is very clear is that learning only takes place when we acknowledge our mistakes i.e.: own up! Once we admit that we had done wrong, that is when we had the heed to change for the better. If we let the ego to enshroud our conscience, we will never learn from anything. In fact, we are letting our hearts to be rotten by the haughtiness and feeling of self-importance. We lift up our unnecessary pride that makes us a self-centered, lofty, disdainful individuals.

In our daily life, let's look at some possibilities to post own-up effects. What happened if you sincerely and respectfully apologize for the mistakes you've done:

The most agreeable to everyone will be; you would be forgiven (given that your mistake is not a grave one and that it is not the third or forth time) other than able to keep the relationship unkempt.

Secondly and relationally, people will look up on you as you have an honorable character and integrity to humble yourself down and say sorry (even when you are at the higher position with the authority and ability to overlook the mistake as something insignificant).

Thirdly, you are acknowledging that you, like other people around, are prone to mistakes and that gives you a motivation to be a better person.

Why then all the brooding and anxiety? Channel that energy to something more beneficial. Owning up and saying sorry would not cost you anything but give you peace at heart and a sense of worth. As a matter of fact, it brings more good when you know how to apologize and make things up.

Remember: a 'sorry' can change a life! Why not thrive to be happy in an easier, less hassle way? Two words; I'm sorry, My mistake.



3p4h said...

Im sorry too... [kalau berkaitan]

Ummu Najla said...

:) You've done nothing wrong..